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Corporate businesses and entrepreneurs

All the stages in the life of companies and entrepreneurs are key to ensuring their competitiveness and durability.

ATB Law advises French and foreign companies and entrepreneurs at all these stages.

ATB Law advises notably in the context of :

  • Settin-up choice between personal income tax and corporation tax and subsequent VAT regime), development of the business (e.g. tax audit, tax compliance) and transfer and reorganization (tax planning and tax modelling, due diligence)
  • Development and restructuring of family groups: mergers/acquisitions, OBOs; Transfer of companies;
  • Tools aimed at promoting transmission and sustaining family businesses (Pacte Dutreil)
  • Optimization of remuneration and asset management; assistance with the structuring of equity investments, management packages and financing issues.
  • Assisting companies with their tax returns (VAT, corporation tax returns, IFU)

ATB Law has developed dedicated expertise in operational tax management at the heart of corporate activity, particularly in international groups.

  • Assisting companies in dealing with the tax authorities in France and abroad (applications for tax approvals, tax audits, etc.) in order to secure a tax regime or a transaction.
  • Tax support for international groups setting up in a new country: choice of structure, financial flows and allocation of income in the light of the rules laid down in international tax treaties
  • VAT analysis of national/international flows
  • Setting up employee profit-sharing schemes and anticipating the legal and tax implications (e.g. stock options)


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