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The lawyer’s remuneration depends, in particular, on each of the following elements in accordance with the practices and the National Rules of Procedure of the profession:
The time spent on the case, the research work, The nature and difficulty of the case, The importance of the interests involved, The impact of the fees and expenses of the law firm to which he belongs, The firm’s reputation, qualifications, seniority and experience The advantages and results obtained for the client by his work, as well as the service rendered to the client, The client’s financial situation.
For each assignment entrusted to ATB Law, a written agreement specifies the context of its intervention, the scope of the assignment and the terms of remuneration for its work.
In this context, the three methods of setting fees can be considered depending on the requests:


Fixed fees


 Fees based on time spent

Hourly rate of 375 euros excluding VAT, i.e. 450 euros including VAT.



When ATB Law agrees to take on a client, it may ask its client to make an advance payment for fees and expenses.

This advance payment may not exceed a reasonable estimate of the probable fees and disbursements involved in the case.

As part of our commitment to be available and close to our clients, the first contact with ATB Law (in person, by telephone or by videoconference) is free of charge if it leads to the case being accepted on and further work being carried out.

However, in the event that this first meeting meets all of your requirements or if you do not follow up, it will be invoiced according to the effective time spent.

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